Project Status
Element House
The Museum of Outdoor Arts has donated a guest house to Star Axis, Element House. It was designed by MOS. The construction began in 2012 and it should be ready in 2014. We need to finish building Star Axis before we can host guests at night.

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Charles Ross
Art work

Connecting with
the past
of architecture that
is tunned to the sky

The Land

Searched for land in Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, and New Mexico.


Purchased Chupinas Mesa
in New Mexico.

Aerial surveys

Completed aerial surveys and topographic mapping of site Built five miles of road Began excavation of conical wedge and channel for Star Tunnel Began building rim of cone.


Star Tunnel

Constructed southwest buttress and perfected astronomical alignment Completed stone entrance for Star Tunnel Completed east rim retaining wall and buttress.


Solar Pyramid -Hour Chamber

Completed west rim retaining wall and buttress Erected permanent survey towers for Solar Pyramid.
Began granite facing of Solar Pyramid and construction of entrance to Hour Chamber.



Completed the Hour Chamber and most of the Solar Pyramid.


Equatorial Chamber

Completed the floor of the Star Tunnel, began building the walls of the Star Tunnel, and built the Equatorial Chamber to the Star Tunnel.



Complete the walls and spine of the Star Tunnel.

Star Axis is in the final stages of completion. The projected finish date is 2020. .





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